From the 670-1 to the Instructional Procedures of a Franchise. The military and franchised businesses are closer then you think.

Franchises are built around structure, the way they operate, the way they sell, manage, market, their equipment and software used, it’s all structured. The only other thing in this world structured more is the military. Veterans are taught structure from the basic training to retirement. Therefore, veterans are perfect for franchising.

Since basic training structure and uniformity is engrained into our heads. Drill and Ceremony, we walk, run and even sing together. We eat at the same time every day, 11:30- 1. I still get hungry right at 11:30. The rank structure, business is the same, and it won’t run correctly if they aren’t in the right place. When I first took over my business, it was in chaos. The lowest level employees were coming directly to the owner about the smallest of things. I had to re-establish the chain of command and make sure my levels of management were doing their job. Just like in the Army, if you have an E-3 walk into the commander’s office complaining about something insignificant, there’s a problem.

Remember how the Army had a book and a manual for everything, from infantry tactics to mowing the lawn. A franchise is the same way, there is a form for everything and instructions for every aspect of the business. In the case of my franchise, there was instructions for every piece of curriculum, how to speak to students, parents, how to conduct a conference, etc. Just like the Army, there’s a reason they do it, and just like in the Army those procedures need to be taught or it won’t happen correctly.

So again, Veterans already understand this, they know to go to the manual and practice those procedures. Therefore, franchisors love Veterans.